Episode 35: Becoming an Editor. Serials

Editor Kirk Shaw joins Sarah and Marion once again to talk about all things writing. Okay, not all things. Just a few specific things.

In the first segment, Marion and Sarah ask Kirk what it’s like to be an editor. Really, they just want to know how to use a comma, but Kirk doesn’t divulge the secret.

In the next segment, the gang talks serials and short stories.

Finally, we finish the podcast with a Storymatic that involves a pirate, a mermaid, and a convenience store toilet. Listen to the adventure unfold!

You can download the podcast here, or subscribe to The Appendix on iTunes. Or just click on the media player below.

Music provided by Ours Vince.


One Response to “Episode 35: Becoming an Editor. Serials”

  1. Chris
    November 22, 2011 at 5:32 pm #

    Great episode. Yes, I’m just getting caught up. Speaking of serials, when can we expect the next installment of The Appendix? 😀

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