Ep 25: Persistence, and Revising (with Brodi Ashton)

We’re joined today by debut author Brodi Ashton, whose novel Everneath will be released in January from Balzer and Bray.

Brodi leads us off by talking about persistence, and tells her story of how she came to be published. Many people know that her book was sold after just two days on submission—a three-book deal with a fantastic advance!—but you might not know all the effort it took to get to that point.

Then we take a listener suggestion for the second segment. Twitter user @elisewrites asked for specific tips on how to revise.

We then play a rousing game of the Storymatic, in which things happen.

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The main image (used under a Creative Commons license) is from flickr user neilsphotoalbum.

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2 Responses to “Ep 25: Persistence, and Revising (with Brodi Ashton)”

  1. Michelle Knowlton
    August 3, 2011 at 6:05 pm #

    I enjoyed your podcast about persistence. Currently, I am waiting on a rejection for my most recent novel and distracting myself with new writing projects.

    How do I keep writing until I produce something worth publishing? For me, it has been the love of telling a story and exploring characters and plots. Even if the only people who read the story are myself and a few friends, I still find the joy of writing a good encouragement to keep going. Encouragement from a writing group can also go a long way.


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