Ep 12: Creative Commons 101, and Writing Down To Kids

Professor Marion gives us a primer course in Creative Commons: What is it? How is it used? How can it be useful to authors?

Then Rob talks about the recent Martin Amis flap, where he infamously said he’d only write for children if he’d had a brain injury. Do you need to write down to kids? Does writing for kids require less skill or intelligence? How aware do you need to be of your audience?

And we play one of the best games of Bad Romance yet, setting our romance in a post-apocalyptic world.

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The photos from today’s episode (used under a Creative Commons license) are from Flickr users prayitno, aginorz, FelixJLeupold, NatalieMaynor, and VinothChandar.
Some music from today’s episode (used under a Creative Commons license): “Oh Ma Belle” and “Where Do We Go” by Admiral Bob, and “Spanish Samba” by Ours Vince.

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One Response to “Ep 12: Creative Commons 101, and Writing Down To Kids”

  1. Krista
    April 13, 2011 at 5:30 pm #

    Great podcast! I learned so much. And really, that was the best Bad Romance you guys have ever done. “Is she creepy BECAUSE she’s a zombie?” Very suspenseful.

    Dr. Maria Keaton can’t seem to stay out of trouble. First, she’s soiled the local judge’s reputation by stumbling into his involvement in the underground pig races (the legality of the races are underground, not the pigs) and bringing his ethics into question. Even in a hard frontier town like Whiskey River Gulchwater Creek, folks respect their pigs.
    Then one evening, as she closes up her very slow office, because really, who would go to a lady doctor with a degree from the University of Boston for help when the “dentist” is just around the corner cutting hair, pulling teeth, and applying leeches for heaven’s sake, when she sees Colt Ridge enter into the back door of Cassie’s Salon, then come back out, sopping wet, agitatated, and in a hurry.
    Maria doesn’t think much of it until the next morning, when Cassie is found drowned in her bathtub.
    Meanwhile, back at Whiskey River Gulchwater Creek Hall, or as the townsfolk were now calling it, The Sty, Judge Jake Sloan scrambles to unsully his reputation, makes a large donation to the FFA, and has even held a benefit dance to raise money for a new pig hospital. He couldn’t help but notice Dr. Maria in attendance, and if it weren’t for her involvement in the swine scandal, he would have had no trouble asking the beauty to dance a time or two. But a man has his pride.
    And now, he finds himself having to listen to her testimony implicating one of his best friends in the murder of the town hussy.
    Little does he know that there was another witness that evening at Cassie’s: Luke Warm, the town window washer. Who happens to have his sights set on the shapely doctor. But Luke has more than one secret, and when it comes to trouble, Doctor Maria will find it’s more than windows that need washing (wha?). Will the truth come out? Will the judge forsake a friend for solid evidence? Will he let pride get in the way of justice? Or love? Will there be a dual to the death? Will kids stop making oinky sounds as he walks by?

    The answers may well be as slippery as a greased–you know.

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