Ep 8: Desperation, and Giving Away Your Work For Free

Rob starts the argument today with the idea that new authors can sometimes make poor decisions out of desperation. He discusses predator services, vanity presses, and diving too early into self-publishing. Marion disagrees about self-publishing and tries to restrain himself from violence. Sarah, as usual, is the voice of reason.

Later, Marion talks about giving away your work for free—and how to make money while doing so. No one disagrees much this time.

We then play another ridiculous round of Six Degrees, and we suggest that this may be the final installment of this disaster of a game. Your task: link Ender’s Game to Jane Eyre, and not through a movie (as we do).

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Some music from today’s episode comes from Cases of Misused Apostrophe’s, by Go1dfish (used under a Creative Commons license).

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One Response to “Ep 8: Desperation, and Giving Away Your Work For Free”

  1. Krista
    March 16, 2011 at 5:59 pm #

    1 Ender’s Game includes a plot twist concerning what is reality and who really are the good guys, as does the novel The Maze Runner. 2 In Maze Runner, the hero befriends the chubby kid, as does the hero in Lord of the Flies. 3 In Lord of the Flies, children fight each other to the death in a jungle environment, as do children in the Hunger Games. 4 In Hunger Games, the heroine has to pretend, or cover, in order to save someone, as does the heroine of The Scarlet Letter. 5 In Scarlet Letter, the heroine is marked with a sign so she is recognized for her past, as is Harry Potter. 6 In Harry Potter, the hero is orphaned, hated, and sent away to school where he finds purpose, JUST LIKE JANE EYRE.

    I like this game.

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